Ensutouch Testimony Breakout & Jeragat (Nur Huda)

Nur Huda bt Tarmiti
22 yo
Dry and acne prone skin

When i was a teenager i don’t have any problem with my skin. I had normal skin back then. I only had acne when i was having my periods and when it goes away, it doesn’t leave a scar on my face.

My skin start having problems when i always use makeup and sometimes i even slept with my makeup on my face. I did that because i always think that i don’t have any problem with my skin. Little did i know, that habits changed my skin condition.

Acne starts to grow on my skin and when it goes away, the scars stayed on. Not only that, if the old acne goes away, the new ones popped out. Starting then, i always try to searched for the right products for my problems.

I often goes to Korean skincare as i didn’t believed much about Malaysian skincare as i always heard about the amount of harmful chemicals that Malaysian skincare offers and also the attachment to that certain skincare that will make your skin breakouts if you stop using them. When i used Korean skincare